AzureWatch - API integration enabled

29. October 2014 13:57 by author Igor Papirov

New Features:

  • Moderate: API integration is now available

Bug fixes:

  • Minor: Emails generated by the portal (Monitoring Stopped/Started and Password Resets) are now working again

AzureWatch Monitoring and Portal: Major enhancements to Alerts and Rules Engine

16. March 2014 12:00 by author AzureWatch Administration

New Features:

  • Major: Rules that trigger alerts are no longer mixed together with rules that execute management actions
  • Major: Ability to execute rules after a sustained period of time
  • Moderate: Abilty to send one alert when rule evaluates to TRUE and only subsequently one alert when it evaluates to FALSE

AzureWatch Management Portal: Wizard's Rule Names Fixed

30. January 2014 00:00 by author AzureWatch Administration

Bugs Fixed:

  • Moderate: Certain monitoring rules created by the Setup Wizard defaulted to name 'ruleName'. This has been fixed and existing rules have been changed retroactively.

AzureWatch: Receive notifications for official Windows Azure Service Dashboard

22. January 2014 23:25 by author AzureWatch Administration

New Features:

AzureWatch: Active monitoring of Windows Event Logs for Virtual Machines

9. January 2014 11:18 by author Igor Papirov

New Features:

  • Moderate: Ability to monitor Application, System and Security Windows Event logs (functionality in beta) for Virtual Machines

Bugs Fixed:

  • Minor: AzureStore subscriptions can now be deleted again

Support for auto-scaling & monitoring of Azure VM's (IaaS)

27. July 2013 13:53 by author Igor Papirov

New Features:

  • Major: It is now possible to monitor, heal, manage and monitor Azure VM's and Availability Sets.  This functionality is soft-launched is considered to be beta
  • Minor: UI has new icons
  • Minor: Setup wizard has new rules for memory monitoring and rebooting based on low-ram conditions
  • Minor: Historical reports no longer randomly error with an expired session state exception

AzureWatch - Soft launch of Azure Websites support

2. April 2013 22:36 by author Igor Papirov

New Features:

  • Major: Support for monitoring and auto-scaling of Azure Websites
  • Major: Refactoring of scaling and rule-evaluation engines in order to support Azure Websites
  • Major: Main Paraleap's site ( redesigned
  • Minor: Rule notification emails contain more information about rule that was triggered

Bug Fixes:

  • N/A

Known Bugs & Issues:

  • Moderate: Setup wizard does not correctly configure Azure Websites yet
  • Moderate: Estimates (Approximate metrics) for changes in performance data for Azure Websites are not yet accurately calculating
  • Minor: Scaling alerts no longer show instance counts that were executed
  • Minor: Clicking on an Azure Website tile on AzureWatch dashboard does not work


AzureWatch Monitoring - Planned upgrade rolled back

1. April 2013 18:23 by author Igor Papirov

A planned upgrade to AzureWatch Main website, Management Portal and Monitoring Service has been rolled back after 10 minutes of running in production due to a discovered issue.  After the upgrade, a number of customers began receiving false alerts as AzureWatch attempted to scale their no-longer existing (but configured for scaling) deployments.  Prior to the upgrade, AzureWatch used to simply ignore deployments that were no longer present, even if it was configured to monitor and scale them.

While the discovered issue had no bearing on production use and monitoring, the amount of false alerts sent to customers mail boxes every minute was deemed inappropriate and upgrade has been rolled back until a fix can be applied.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

AzureWatch Management Portal - New Support Features

1. February 2013 11:42 by author Igor Papirov

New Features:

  • Major: AzureWatch now integrates with Zendesk!  Users can open and monitor support tickets via the link from the portal
  • Major: AzureWatch now integrates with Olark Chat! Users can now initiate a chat request with one of the engineers who will occasionally monitor the chat channel

Bug Fixes:

  • N/A