AzureWatch Monitoring and Portal: Major enhancements to Alerts and Rules Engine

16. March 2014 12:00 by author AzureWatch Administration

New Features:

  • Major: Rules that trigger alerts are no longer mixed together with rules that execute management actions
  • Major: Ability to execute rules after a sustained period of time
  • Moderate: Abilty to send one alert when rule evaluates to TRUE and only subsequently one alert when it evaluates to FALSE

AzureWatch: Receive notifications for official Windows Azure Service Dashboard

22. January 2014 23:25 by author AzureWatch Administration

New Features:

AzureWatch Monitoring - Azure-related Outage

23. February 2013 06:09 by author Igor Papirov

We are seeing world-wide connectivity errors connecting to Azure Storage.  Problems appear to be caused by an expired Azure SSL certificate

This Azure-related outage is impacting AzureWatch's ability to monitor customers subscriptions