Paraleap Technologies, an emerging startup specializing in cloud computing technologies, empowers cloud developers with new tools. The company’s AzureWatch, a service designed to work in Microsoft Azure environments, adds a new dimension to the world of the Microsoft cloud.

Cloud computing is a strategy of making use of compute resources, including applications, infrastructure, and platforms, which are available from third-party providers’ data centers and delivered over a secure Internet connection.  In the early days of cloud computing, the advantage of cost savings was the “low hanging fruit” of the cloud, and businesses embraced it early on to take advantage of that bottom-line benefit. But the advantages go far beyond the cost factor, delivering remarkable ease of use, and access to resources from any location and any computer.

Because the cloud allows users to take advantage of a third-party resource pool, it immediately becomes possible to take advantage of more resources than would otherwise be available in a company’s own in-house data center. AzureWatch helps developers create applications to take full advantage of this potential, with the addition of instant and transparent scalability.

Older systems always required a defined set of resources to be dedicated to a task. The problem with that approach though, was that you never knew for certain whether that task would require more, or fewer resources at any given time. The inevitable result was over-provisioning—which led to wasted and underutilized resources and unnecessary expense. The cloud, as implemented with Microsoft Azure and enhanced with Paraleap Technologies’ AzureWatch, overcomes this wasteful approach by allowing for instant and automatic scalability of resources. If your Azure instances see a demand spike, your capacity will automatically increase—regardless of whether that spike was expected or a complete surprise. By the same token, if you experience a slowdown for any reason, the system will ramp down resource usage.

Applications that vary in usage demand by the month, week, or even by the hour are common. The automatic scaling functionality added by AzureWatch ensures that you always have the capacity you need, at any time.

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