Here is a tip that most administrators of Azure websites and applications will find invaluable.  Thanks to the scheduling features of AzureWatch, application administrators can setup up to receive regular email updates with all the key metrics that AzureWatch is monitoring for their Azure applications.  All it takes is a subscription to AzureWatch and a minute or two.

If you would like to receive email with latest peformance indicators values for your Azure application at certain intervals, say at 9am and 12pm and 3pm, simply configure three rules that always evaluate to true (ie: '1=1') to run between the hours of 8:59-9:01am, 11:59am-12:01pm and 2:59-3:01pm (assuming your rule-checking frequency is every 60 seconds).  Mark the rules as "Notification only" instead of "Scaling based", move them to the top of the sequential list and publish your changes. Take care to not make the time-ranges too wide, to avoid getting flooded with emails. AzureWatch will now execute new rules between the very narrow time ranges and email you values of all the variables it is tracking.