We are happy to announce that AzureWatch now supports SQL Azure monitoring!  Please view the release notes below for detailed information on new features rolled out in AzureWatch v2.0.  

We have spent a lot of time working on this release as it lays down the foundation for us being able to monitor not only SQL Azure databases, but also other resources such as AppFabric Cache namespaces, Azure Storage accounts, and even availability and performance characteristics of public web pages.  We are planning to release support for these features in the next weeks as our development and quality assurance processes complete.  

You can download the latest version of AzureWatch Control Panel configuration tool here and view sample instructions regarding setup of monitoring for SQL Azure here
AzureWatch v2.0 Release Notes
  • Ability to monitor SQL Azure databases (extra charges may apply)
    • Get notified on connection failures
    • Monitor blocking queries
    • Monitor response times
    • Monitor database size
    • Monitor open connections
    • Monitor open transactions
  • Enhancements to the Rules engine include
    • Access current date & time during rule evaluation.  This can help with scheduling of events
    • Interrogate quantity of raw metrics aggregated during the rule evaluation.  This can help with sophisticated running-averages
  • Metric Reports have been enhanced
    • Metric data and charts are now shown in local time zone rather than UTC
    • Reports can be quickly viewed by using a predefined range dropdown
    • Charts have been redesigned to show more data
  • A number of smaller bugs fixed throughout the AzureWatch Android app, our reporting mobile site and the Control Panel configuration utility