v2.0.1 of AzureWatch enables true Website monitoring.

If configured, AzureWatch will ping your webpages once per minute.  If connection is refused or non-OK response is received, AzureWatch will immediately send out an email.  AzureWatch will also gather vital performance statistics in order to enable delivery of custom alerts via its rule engine and provide visualization of performance related data on its desktop, browser and smartphone UIs.


Setup and configuration of this feature is very straightforward.  

Define what websites need to be monitored and instrument them under Monitored Systems\Website section of the AzureWatch Control Panel tool.  Right-click on the listings screen in order to define new monitored website:

AzureWatch monitored website definition


Creating of an aggregate metric definition for monitoring of websites follows the same approach as creating aggregates for other types of metrics:


And lastly, preparing delivery of alerts when Average response time for the last 5 minutes exceeds 5 seconds can be done with definition of a sampe rule below: