Things have been very busy at Paraleap Technologies.  Since the start of summer, we have been working on creating a new version of the AzureWatch configuration and monitoring interface.  The result of this effort is a great-looking AzureWatch management portal, preview of which I am proud to invite you to try.  In the forthcoming months, we will be decommissioning our legacy Windows-based Control Panel application and migrating all of our customers onto our new AzureWatch management portal.

The online portal can be found here
Instructions for usage can be found here
Sign-up link for free trial account can be found here
We would appreciate your candid feedback about our new portal.  Your feedback has been the main driver behind majority of the AzureWatch features in the last two years and we plan to continue to innovate and deliver additional value to you and your organization!

Important release notes about the preview of our new online AzureWatch management portal
  • Please keep in mind that the functionality offered during the customer preview phase may contain minor bugs and is subject to change. Let us know if you encounter anything strange!
  • For existing customers, all of your current configuration and monitoring data in the new portal is live and is configurable via the new interface - simply use your existing credentials to login
  • New setup Wizard contains a lot more default rules for monitoring of SQL Azure, Storage and URLs.  The Wizard can also be invoked at any time, not just when new deployments have been detected
  • The dashboard screen now self-updates once per minute (no more clicking on the Refresh button)
  • Creation of monitoring rules has been streamlined: no need to define Raw metrics upfront.  Simply create your aggregate metrics and use them in Rules
  • Greater visibility into your AzureWatch billing history and consumption
  • Once migration is complete, client-side agent-based monitoring option will be sunset along with the desktop Control Panel.  We will only continue to support our cloud-based monitoring.  We will work with the handful of you who are utilizing client-side monitoring so that we can migrate you over to our cloud-based monitoring.
Our desktop Control Panel has been around for nearly two years and it's eminent deprecation will enable resolution to certain nagging issues that have persisted throughout the lifetime of the service
  • No more installation issues related to Windows 8 incompatibilities, firewalls, or anti-virus warnings
  • No more login issues related to inaccurate time-clock on local Windows computers
  • No more intermittent resolution-related issues that caused our UI to look misaligned
  • No more account lockouts due to password-reset related issues
  • Full accessibility of AzureWatch monitoring tools on non-Windows machines and tablets
Please feel free to visit the new AzureWatch management portal at and don't forget to click on the "Beta Feedback" to provide us with your ideas and comments.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our service!

Igor Papirov
President & CEO
Paraleap Technologies