Paraleap Technologies are proud to sponsor this year's Windows Azure Global Bootcamp.  It is exciting to see a community-based event of such large proportions organized around Windows Azure.  Our commitment to provide a free unlimited 1-month license to every participant has not wavered even as the size of potential giveaways grew from hundreds to nearly 10,000!  We are hopeful to welcome many new happy users to our every-growing user community.

As we get ready for the rush of signups, we would like to encourage new users to read the following instructions carefully in order to make their on-boarding as smooth as possible.  Our support personnel will be working non-stop throughout this time to make sure everyone's signup and monitoring experience is impeccable but it is unlikely that we would be able to reply to every question in minutes or hours, like we usually do.

  • In order to receive your free subscription, you will need a promo code from Bootcamp's organizers.  Please contact event organizers if you have not received your code.  We will not be able to provide any additional promo codes at this time.
  • Please read setup instructions to ensure your configuration stage goes smoothly
  • Please note that every screen within AzureWatch Management Portal contains an "i" button in the top right corner that provides context-sensitive help and detailed instructions
  • Please note that AzureWatch Management Portal explorer contains a Help branch with detailed instructions on various subjects of monitoring and auto-scaling 
  • Unless your question contains sensitive information, please post it on our support forums - we monitor those forums as closely as we monitor our support ticket queue, however, every answer on those forums can help hundreds of other users who may have a similar question.
  • If you have checked out AzureWatch and no longer need its monitoring capabilities we ask you to kindly Stop Monitoring and help us conserve our compute resources


Some frequently asked questions:

  • While we are firmly committed to supporting the full spectrum of Windows Azure platform, at this time AzureWatch does *not* yet support monitoring of Azure Virtual Machines (IAAS), Media Services, and HDInsight (Hadoop).  We *do* support Windows Azure Cloud Services (Web/Worker Roles), Azure Websites, SQL Azure, Federations, Storage, and portions of Service Bus 
  • If you would like to monitor multiple Azure subscriptions, you will need to open multiple AzureWatch accounts.  This will change soon, but as of right now, we limit one account to one subscription