Paraleap Technologies, a Chicago-based emerging provider of cloud computing tools and services, is introducing technology preview of its flagship product, AzureWatch.

AzureWatch works with the Microsoft cloud platform and adds dynamic scaling capabilities to applications running under Windows Azure.  With AzureWatch, IT no longer has to worry about wasting money by over-provisioning resources, or experience slowdowns because Azure servers are overburdened.  This elastic scaling functionality that AzureWatch brings to the table is the key ingredient that brings out the power of Microsoft's cloud platform, allows for significant cost savings and guarantees consistent expectations to users. 

"We're absolutely thrilled to be coming out with AzureWatch on the heels of latest Azure-related announcements at Microsoft's PDC 2010", says Igor Papirov, founder of Paraleap Technologies.  "Windows Azure platform is getting better and more mature every day and our product completes the list of key features by providing automatic provisioning of compute resources to Windows Azure applications"

To learn more about AzureWatch or to participate in the free technology preview, log onto Paraleap Technologies’ web site at