Last major AzureWatch release contained support for monitoring and auto-scaling of Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service platform - Virtual Machines.  This was a major release for us and all other feature requests took a back seat while we implemented this functionality.  Now, that Virtual Machine support is behind us, we're happy to start implementing various features that have been requested by our users. This week we are releasing the following three enhancements that our users may find useful: 

  • Support for custom scale limits based on time of day.  This feature allows AzureWatch to enforce different scaling ranges based on time of day and without the need to create scaling rules.  This is handy feature for many business applications and b2c websites where usage patterns are known upfront and vary by time.   Scaling rules will still kick-in and work, however the instance limits will adjust based on time
  • Ability to import configuration settings from one Role to another.  This is handy for users who have need to configure monitoring for a number of similar Roles.  We often get this request from customers who same Role configurations deployed in different Windows Azure data centers.
  • Support for linked accounts.  Customers who have multiple linked AzureWatch accounts can now easily switch between them by simply selecting a different linked account from the AzureWatch menu