Version 2.0.2 of AzureWatch introduces new capability to the product: monitoring and alerts of key performance and connectivity characteristics for Azure Storage accounts.

Once a minute, AzureWatch will connect to queue, blob and table storage endpoints of monitored Azure Storage accounts, and attempt to create and then purge a test queue message, a test blob, and a test table eneity object.  AzureWatch will capture key performance indicators as well as any storage errors that occur so that you can be notified immediately of any problems.


Setup instructions:

Find Azure Storage section in the Control Panel explorer


Add new Storage Account by right-clicking in the Azure Storage listing area



These simple steps will make sure that AzureWatch emails you if it was unable to perform all of its monitoring actions within the Timeout specified.  In addition, if you'd like to know when Azure Storage is simply slowing down, create an aggregate and a rule around the ResponseTime_msec metric:


To create an aggregate, simply visit Aggregate Metrics screen under Azure Storage section of Explorer:


And finally, get notified by a Rule when this aggregate is outside a safety threshold: